Elite Stories

"We appreciate the tireless efforts rendered in helping us finalize the marriage between the two like-minded business families as it was extremely difficult to find a suitable match because of our unique requirements for a successful lifelong pairing.It is a privilege to have been associated with Elite matrimony"

- Subrata(Elite Matrimony Member)

"I am grateful to Bharat matrimony for introducing Elite matrimony service through which I was able to finalize my marriage. I appreciate my manager for her dedication, interpersonal skill and hard work. I trusted her to represent me and my family. She recognized my needs and proved a blessing till the finalization of my marriage.Thank you Elite Matrimony"

- Priya(member-Elite Matrimony)

"I am grateful to Elite Matrimony for finding an amazing life partner for my sister. Her marriage has been fixed and for this I would like to congratulate the relationship manager for her guidance, patience and extraordinary support all through the process.If not for her perseverance, we wouldn't have found this amazing person. Our gratitude to all who are associated with Elite Matrimony "

- Vinod(Elite Matrimony Member)

"My daughter's marriage has been finalized. I would like to extend my gratitude to Elite Matrimony. I extend my wishes to you and your team for a great success in your endeavours "

- Nisha(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"My daughter got married . I am extremely happy and delighted to have known you and I appreciate your unwavering dedication and effort. I really appreciate the efforts and response from Elite Matrimony. Its nice to know that there are still some people in this world who care about customer service and you are one of them.
Thank you to our relationship manager "

- Pallavi(Bride's Mom)

"This is to let you know that my parents and myself are extremely happy to have found my perfect soul mate with the help of Elite matrimony.

Thanks for introducing us. In him I have found the perfect match for myself. We are extremely happy with the level of commitment and timeliness in the services provided by RM in Elite Matrimony. We are very satisfied with the service and the understanding that you have shown in trying to find a suitable match. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours.God Bless and Take Care "

- Rama(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I take great pleasure and pride in informing you that me and my family have decided to move forward with the Baroda proposal that you had forwarded to us.

I'm extremely grateful to Allah and you for your tireless efforts which has gained fruits. Also thanking your team at elite matrimony.May Allah bless you always, Ameen "

- Aejaz(Elite Matrimony member)

"I take this opportunity to thank Elite Matrimony, as my daughter is going to get married on 18th January, 2014, with your active assistance. The Relationship Manager seema, was very efficient to manage my daughter’s portfolio and the way you dealt made us feel that we have a personal relation rather than a professional relation with you. You have done a commendable job indeed in settling the marriage. I recommend that more such managers should be hired so as to enrich the company "

- Thank you Kumar(member of Elite Matrimony)

"We are happy and thankful to Elite matrimony in helping us finalize the marriage of our daughter. It all came true with your continuous follow up and highlighting the family details to both ends. Your effort was the main tool and is whole heartedly appreciated. Keep up your good and relentless service which is needed for parents like us. Thank you so much "

- Venkat(member of Elite Matrimony)

"With great pleasure I would like to inform you that the marriage of my son Sanjay has been fixed. We are highly delighted by the service Elite matrimony provided us and would definitely recommend this service to our friends and family "

- Seetha(Elite Matrimony Member)

"Through your organisation, your connection and introduction,we have been able to match the alliance of Vinod and Veena.Thank you to our relationship manager Ambika and Elite matrimony "

- Krishna(Father of Bride)

"I am delighted to inform you that my daughter is getting married to Sree, the profile you sourced, followed up and made it happen. I would like to thank you sincerely and whole heartedly for all your wonderful efforts.I must say that both my wife and daughter are very impressed with Elite Matrimony"

- Thank you Raju( Happy Elite Matrimony Member.)

"Hope all is well! Some good news. I met Mr. Aditya last week and we decided to confess it to our parents to proceed further. I didn't want to say anything till things were finalized and it's been only 2 days since our parents decided our engagement. Exciting times! It feels like a fairy tale. I will also definitely let you know the wedding date. Please do come and join us. It will be in chennai :) Wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the initiation and hard work. None of this would have been possible without you. Next time, when I am in chennai, will come and thank you in person "

- Thara(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I strongly recommend the services of elite matrimony especially for those like me who are too busy in their career and have a lovely set of friends and family and no time to look around; this is a portal for you to find your soul mate. Relationship manager simply understands you! Even beyond your family or friends you can trust them completely and they really come out with profiles that match your utmost interests. They guide you! Especially you being a woman they make sure that this is not a dating site and they are interested in closures and looking at marriages. And again, not simply marriages but happy and purposeful marriage. Much appreciations again "

- RegardsGirishma(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I would like to appreciate the excellent services provided by my Relationship Manager. His patience and persistence in helping me find an alliance for my daughter was remarkable. He was able to understand the kind of person we were looking for and was quick to provide us with the right profiles. Finally we found a suitable match for my child. Thank you Elite Matrimony "

- Mohiddin ( Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I have known my relationship manager for over a month now and I have been consistently impressed with her attitude and productivity during the time that she has worked with me. She is quite smart & motivated in terms of understanding the requirements of her members or researching profiles to meet their requirements. She also makes a great effort to call both parties in time to provide updates or exchanging information. It is my pleasure to provide feedback for the hard work and effort she has put towards working along with me. I am confident that she will establish successful relationships. I am also willing to suggest a couple of my friends to Elite matrimony "

- Regards, Rao(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I must place on record that he is an excellent service provider.He is very responsive and understands customer's requirements very clearly.We started our search with him. Trupti has also been very sensitive towards our requirements.I would like to thank Elite Matrimony for your support"

- Komathi(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"It has been a pleasure interacting with our Relationship Manager As a person she is very thorough, patient and caring. She was quick in understanding our requirements and worked diligently to send us the right profiles. Elite Matrimony is a wonderful service and our Relationship Manager certainly needs a special mention for her exceptional level of commitment. We will not hesitate to recommend her name and this service to our friends. You are getting a lot of Karma from God.Thank you for all the support "

- Regards Chitra (Member of Elite matrimony)

"It gives me great pleasure to announce the betrothal of my daughter. The profile was sent to us by our very efficient Relationship Manager. She grasped our requirement and relentlessly kept sending us suitable profiles. Thanks to her efforts and persistence that we found a suitable match for my daughter. Thank you for all your help and suggestions. If not for you we would never have come across such a wonderful groom and family "

- Regards Ayesha Nathani(Member of Elite matrimony)

"I am delighted to inform you that my daughter is getting married to Sree, the profile you sourced, followed up and made it happen. I would like to thank you sincerely and whole heartedly for all your wonderful efforts.I must say that both my wife and daughter are very impressed with Elite Matrimony "

- Raju( Happy Elite Matrimony Member)

"I would like to thank you for providing me excellent services with lot of dedication and efforts in the last 2 months. I realize that initially there was a bit of mismatch on the level of expectations and understandings, but once it was made clear, things are moving extremely well. I would definitely recommend Elite Matrimony service to my friends and relatives "

- Thank you Pande(Elite Matrimony Member)

"Wish to share my great experience with you during the service period. You have been an excellent relationship manager, extremely cooperative, efficient in handling difficult situations and rapport buildings skills. I was in a depressed mood for the last 3 months but you were there for me. Despite the fact that I was not cooperative with you, but you have rendered good services to me with lot of patience. I don't know whether I will marry Mr.Rohan or not but you have given the best to me. I’m glad that elite has given a good relationship manager to serve me. I got a good friend. God bless you sweetheart"

- Regards Ritu

"My daughter marriage has been finalized. I would like to extend my gratitude to my Relationship Manager Adnan and Elite Matrimony. I extend my wishes to you and your team a great success for your endeavour "

- Sonia(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I am really thankful to Mr. Bakshi who had referred me to Elite Matrimony. I was bit sceptical about the Elite service but I am very confident after arrangement of 2 meetings within 15days. Hope my trust will remain same.All the best "

- Kunal(Elite Matrimony Member)

"Thanks to you and Elite matrimony for providing a platform for shortlisting a suitable groom for my daughter. With difficulties faced during the search, ups and downs and disappointments, finally it is a happy ending. Thanks to our relationship manager Rashida.My daughter is getting married.Thank you Elite Matrimony "

- Dutta(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"Marriage is a decision that has to be made once in our lifetime. I needed time in making decision to choose a suitable partner. My Relationship Manager Ashraf had been responsive, concerned about our requirements and patient enough to handle our emotional traffic to decide on the best partner.I am very grateful to Elite Matrimony team for all the good things "

- Regards Ms. Payal(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I am very much impressed with your service, especially about my relationship manager Dayanidhi and his hospitality. I like the way he communicates and we feel that he is one of my family member "

- Ram(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"Wish to confess my heartfelt appreciation to our Relationship Manager Archana for her dedication towards the work. I wish her all the very best and success which she rightly deserves. With the help of Elite Matrimony, I found the right match in just 2 months.Thank you "

- Sumit Mukerjee(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"It’s been our pleasure to say that you have always been extremely enthusiastic and passionate. Time to say, that we have been always receiving profiles as per our expectations.Thanks to Elite matrimony "

- Kothari(Father of Groom)

"In Hindu religion, performing the marriage of ones daughter is the most sacred act and the most important responsibility of a father. I have been blessed by my Guru and God to perform the marriage of my only daughter on 15/05/14 in Hyderabad.We thank Elite matrimony for the efforts in making this happen for us "

- Roopesh(Member of Elite matrimony)

"I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the services rendered by your Relationship Manager. Our rapport was beyond business and is held in the highest regard. I am absolutely rapt by her genuine and outstanding personal service, which is exclusive in this streak of service industry. Such support is exceedingly essential as it was the crucial phase of the my daughter life. Her work has been much appreciated by my entire family and the team is also recommended to all my friends. We sure hope that this liaison will prove beneficial for my daughter’s marriage in the most venerate fashion.Thank You & Best Regards "

- Balakrishnan

"As informed you over phone, we had a word with Sreejit's parents today and we all agreed to make necessary arrangements for the wedding of my only daughter Diya with Sreejit.The match making search for a groom has finally come to an end with an excellent result. We take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for your excellent and friendly service provided for our daughter. You have understood our daughter's preferences and our family requirements fully. Further, selected the right profiles which made it possible for us to conclude the search quickly. Once again thanks for the friendly service with an extra personal touch "

- Unni(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"It’s happening!!! And thanks to you. Finally! You were literally available to us 24/7, always cheerful and supportive. You have taken quite an effort to help us understand the profile, the boy and family and at the same time you have gone out of your way to make prospective grooms and their families understand us better. We do know for a fact that this marriage is happening specifically because of your efforts in making the groom’s family understand my sister and us better. You have helped us find exactly what we were looking for, with this proposal. We feel, they both are a perfect match and it just couldn’t have been any other.
We now sign off with a big note of "Thank You" and wish you that you bring joy to more families by helping them in one of the most difficult tasks in finding eligible grooms/ brides for their loved ones"

- Sruthi(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"We sincerely thank and appreciate your excellent service and getting us many profiles which suit my son. We are very happy the way you have handled this assignment and your efforts where fantastic.Thanks once again "

- Kiran kumar(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I am extremely glad to bring to your notice that my daughter Ms. Sowmya's wedding is fixed with Mr.Vasanth. The marriage date will be fixed very soon.
A special thanks to our relationship manager for sending us the best of the profiles. Thank you for an excellent service rendered and I would strongly recommend Elite Matrimony to my friends and relatives "

- Regards Kalyanasundaram

"I am extremely glad to bring to your notice that my daughter Ms. Sowmya's wedding is fixed with Mr. Vasanth. The marriage date will be fixed very soon. We hereby acknowledge the efforts of our relationship manager for making this happen and bringing to destined families together.I would strongly recommend Elite Matrimony to my friends and relatives "

- Kalyanasundaram(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"Have decided to pursue my daughter Ms.Sanju’s wedding with Mr. Pramod. Thank you for all the efforts in bringing the two destined families together. We take this opportunity to thank you and the entire elite team "

- Manjunathan(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"My daughter Janani’s marriage is finalized with Mr. Srivatsan. Thanks to Elite matrimony for making this happens within a month. I am very much satisfied with the service rendered by our Relationship Manager.Thanks elite matrimony once again "

- Mr. Arul(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"Some good news, I met Mr. Aditya last week and we decided to admit it to our parents to proceed further on marriage. I didn't want to say anything till things is finalized and it's only been 2 days since our parents decided on our engagement. Exciting times! It feels like a fairy tale. We thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the initiation and hard work. None of this would have been possible without you "

- Kind Regards, Thara

"You really understood my requirement and appreciate your proactiveness Ms Seema Roy "

- Regards,Guhan

"Thank you Deepika for giving me what I exactly wanted! I was keen on a life partner from a cultured family, and like every other man, a beautiful looking Bride. Reetu struck me when I first saw her. In 3months, things were on a roll. Got engaged on Navaratra "

- Vikas Kumar(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"Coming from a proud family lineage I had wanted the details to be confidential; and your RM did just that! I have my U.G from a London University, and Sriranjan is a successful businessman from a VIP family from Chennai. Services from Elite were perfect from the word GO. The 1st profile they shared was of Sriranjan. Getting engaged this November "

- Gaurav(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"My son engagement is on November 2nd, and I am very happy to declare that your Relationship Manager gave us what we wanted. Though initially there were many profiles we looked into, this one worked like a charm. Thank you for this commendable effort "

- Bhavna(Mom of groom)

"I am so delighted to say that Elite has met all my expectations, and catered to all minute details. I was looking for a beautiful girl for my son, and was specific about complete horoscope match. Out of 40 profiles showed by your RM, Shalini's was liked by us. Hailing from a VIP family, confidentiality was maintained. Incredible services "

- Rajat(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"Couldnt have asked for more! My daughter is a trained dancer and well qualified. I wanted the best for her and it came in the form of Naren. I was keen on perfect horoscope match, and destiny played the same card. Anjana and Naren had a round of chats, and things clicked. Both families met and happy to announce wedding next month "

- Shobana(Mom of bride)

"My son after completing his MBA in International Business from Middlesex University, London, UK, is now into his family enterprise. We wanted a good looking girl from a well settled family, and importantly from Kerala. With all these requirements, your RM gave it to us like a breeze. We're keen on horoscopes match too. Many profiles were shared but at the end, it was Anupama's profile that made us seal things.Thank you Elite Matrimony "

- Ranjan(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"Paromita / Suvro I extend my heartfelt gratitude to your RM and Elite Matrimony's services for helping us get the best alliance for my daughter Paromita. We belong to a reputed business family in Kolkata. Suvro's profile was the 12th one that the RM shared with us; and we went ahead. We are happy to announce their wedding in August.Thankyou Elite matrimony "

- Arya(bride's father)

"Chandrima / Ashish A billion thanks to your Relationship Manager for all the support throughout my search. Like any girl looking for her dream man, I too had a lot of expectations from my future partner. After a lot of search, RM passed me Ashish's profile. After a line of meetings, we have finally decided to go ahead. Marriage is on the cards. Thank you Elite "

- Priya(Bride)

"We belong to a highly reputed family from Hyderabad. My son Awinash is the grandson of the Ex Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and he is the CEO of our Pharmaceutical company. We wanted a well settled, and an educated bride from Hyderabad or Bangalore. After consistent follow ups with prospects, your RM did a fabulous job by fixing our son's alliance with Shilpa. We have to admit that the RM's gentle handling, did the trick. Thank you, and I would certainly recommend your services to the who's who of society"

- Akshay(groom's father)

"We hail from Cuddapa, and I work in the USA. Registering for Elite Matrimony; nothing materialized for a long time. It was on your RM's persuasion to renew that package that turned fruitful. Just after 2 months after the renewal package, Hamsa's profile was passed and set the ball rolling. Both families are extremely happy.Thank you so much Elite "

- Dr.Vinay

"Thank you very much. We would love to share our joy with your team. We had a wonderful coordination with your team, special thanks to Ms. Vidya Priya. We wish Elite Matrimony many more, success & good luck!!! "

- Jayesh(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I recently finalized my marriage with Ms. Anupama. Many thanks for your help and support. Anupama's profile really matched all my expectations. We have finalized the date on November 2014 in Singapore, really happy that it did not take much time. I wish you all the best and thank you from all my family members "

- Tanveer(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"Yes you read it right!! In my case it was a lovemarriage @Elite. Coming from an effluent and orthodox background i was banned from choosing a life partner for myself. When i was hinted that my parents started looking for my life partner through "Elite Matrimony services" i was pretty much scared. I was uncertain whether it is possible to even find the person to suit me out of the million men accross the world. The relationship manager came up with a profile which was like handpicked for me.It was a fairy tale following that.. We had face to face meetings with parent's approval. We got to know each other so much and we fell in love. I beleive from the bottom of my heart, that he was the one guy picked from 'Mars', customised for ME! Thankyou EliteMatrimony. I recommend their services for all the girls out there who are in a dilema for "arranged marriage" "

- Priya(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I am 27years from an elite background.My parents wanted to look for a suitable bride/princess for our family.But having to take care of many companies accross the globe neither of my parents had time to 'sort & filter brides'. We then registered for "elite platinum services' from bharat matrimony.The first criteria was to maintain confidentiality and the second was to find a bride with exact matches to my preferences. Voila!! My marriage is fixed with an angelic sweet girl who seems to be like out of ,my dreams as well as my parents. Thanks to the relationship manager who understood my preferences so well and saved us a lot of time and worries. I would like to post this so that the triumphs of Elite Matrimony reached across the WEB "

- Shrada(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I was recommended for membership to elite services by a relationship manager after a year long un-succesful journey in Bharat matrimony. I was hesitant at first whether things will work out and is it really worth to spend so much of money. After perusing through mixed reviews from various customers about 'elite matrimony' i decided to give it a shot. & it was worth a shot. My marriage is now fixed in May'15. More than the joy of wedding i am filled with uncomprehending satisfaction! The relationship managers were very interactive and more than cooperative to find my bride for me "

- Pranav(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I would like to wish the Elite team from the bottom of my heart. I was looking for a suitable match for my son since 3 years. Nothing worked out. The Relationship Manager from elite matrimony understood our requirements and found us a beautiful, sweet spoken girl.Marriage is now fixed and we are overwhelmed"

- Dr.Swaroop(Father of groom)

"I would like to appreciate my relationship manager Ms.Clarina for her service to us. She has become a part of our family, she understands our every requirement and proactively does the work without being asked. Elite Matrimony has not only found a son in law for us, but we have earned a daughter too. God bless you all "

- Srinivasulu Rao(father of bride)

"I wish to appreciate the efforts of each and every member of Elite Matrimony who had a part to play in getting my daughter married to the best man. Thankyou Elite matrimony, wishing you many more successes and happy marriages "

- Sushant(Member of Elite Matrimony

"Having been a member of Elite Matrimony for three months now, I am more than satisfied with the profiles that have been suggested for my sister by Aparna. I would be more than happy to recommend the services to my social circle and also look for a renewal of services at the earliest. I am more than confident that through you will be able to find the right match for my sister"

- Kunal(Member of Elite Matrimony)

"I can be rest assured that I have been alloted the sweetest and a thorough professional relationship manager, Ms. Rutwa pandit. She has empathy towards our requirements in the process of finding a suitable alliance. Not only I have experienced hassle free services but she's prompt and spontaneous with her replies and work. I have observed that she'll do thorough research of the prospect and won't send profiles just for the hack of it. She caters to my family's requirements in the process of finding a suitable alliance brilliantly and never fails to revert back. We have, so far, been at the receiving end of sincere and earnest services by Rutwa pandit. And I can sincerely quote that the process of seeking a suitable quest becomes much easier if we have a relationship manager like Rutwa pandit.Thanking you "

- Shweta koticha